Production is mainly oriented toward the production of both single or small series of pleasure boats and maintenance, modification and reclassification of hulls. It is only partially automated in the different stages of the production cycle as needed.

Processing is done by employing the best materials available on the market (carbon fiber, aramid fibers, fiberglass, natural fibers, balsa, closed-cell cores, PET, epoxy resins, bio, vinylester, polyester) and adopting state-of-the-art technologies (infusion process, pre-preg, wet lay up, high vacuum).

Officine TL Compositi possesses a high level of specialization of the workers employed, which is absolutely essential for the execution of the construction work on new boats, as well as for the repair or transformation of damaged hulls; this type of work requires, in fact, the use of different materials that, in order to be effectively combined, require specific skills.


Significant are collaborations with a number of engineering firms for the application of cutting-edge technical solutions.

Officine TL Compositi also uses new materials such as hybrids, basalt and environmentally friendly flax fibers in its productions.
It is also able to provide services such as refitting, thermal imaging camera with datalogging of temperatures reached during the various stages of processing with related final report to the customer.

Officine TL Compositi, on the specific instructions of the major shipyards it counts among its customers, operates mainly at their plants for the total or partial realization of the entrusted orders. Also significant are the refitting of boats belonging to private clients.