Bio-Green Composites

Thanks to our experience and driven by a continuous search for new solutions and new materials to be used in the production of cutting-edge composite material products, the Company has heavily invested in bio and green materials to be used in the various production phases.

The collaboration with Northern Light Composites enabled us to develop new production methods for the ECORACER, a sailing boat and all the structural components using natural fibers such as flax, recyclable core materials and recycled carbon fiber as well as new matrices that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The boat launched on 7 October 2021 won the Design Innovation Award 2021 and the Italian ORC sport boat Championship 2022 in Gargnano.

In collaboration with Northern Light Composites, we have created some prototypes of ECO-OPTIMIST sailing dinghy, Optimist class, made of flax fiber and recyclable matrix.

Our production cycle uses recycled carbon fiber for the creation of 50′ sailing boat hulls such as for the Slovenian shipyard Pegasus doo. This made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the hull, thus obtaining better mechanical performance and aesthetic finishing.

We are currently creating a new type of motor boat made entirely of carbon fiber and recycled carbon that will be presented next season and will be a customizable, high-tech product.