Officine TL Compositi has created for the Cantiere Tagliapietra di Venezia , on a male mold, the print of a 10-meter boat, with an epoxy matrix one-off infusion process, at the client's operational headquarters in Venice. In the hull, anti-abrasive Kevlar reinforcements have been made, skids and cooper on chine .
All the bottom reinforcement structures were pre-packaged and built at the Monfalcone headquarters and subsequently transferred to the customer's headquarters, for subsequent assembly to the hull.
Here, the internal structures were positioned and fixed to the hull, including the two structural bulkheads and the deck support. Upon completion of the work, the whole system of scuppers in the bilges and some further additional reinforcement elements was created, as per specific requests.

Following is a gallery on the various stages of processing, carried out at Officine TL Composites and at the Tagliapietra Shipyard in Venice.
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